Are you getting the most out of your events?

Who benefits from savvy event content services?

  • events organizers
  • event hosts
  • fundraisers
  • marketers
  • businesses participating in events and tradeshows

60% of marketers rank live customer events as their most effective content marketing tactic. Events are huge opportunities to generate content and PR for your business, organization, or clients. Effective and creative reporting and engagement at events WILL drive traffic to your site. If you're not already getting what you can out of your events, I can help.

Event organizers and hosts If you are already investing in events, whether for business development, educational, entertainment, or marketing purposes consider how a relatively small investment in event-focused media can pay huge dividends for months and years after. Ask me how I can help you get better ROI on your events.

Taking your business on the road to events and tradeshows If you are taking your business to events – conferences, tradeshows, etc – you will benefit from my "embedded journalist" services. These are similar to what's described below, but you and your business are my focus at the event. My event reporting ranks at, or within the top 3, of all social media coverage during events. This means your business is front and centre in all social media reporting taking place, guaranteeing you attention you cannot generate on the basis of booths, business cards, sponsorships, and/or face to face contacts alone.

"Road work" is always a "custom job," because of the specific needs of your business, and the details of the events you're working. Ask me how you can rock your next tradeshow or event!

Basic events "content" package


  • Blogging platform and domain name (e.g. Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr, or Postachio) - if required
  • Basic social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) - if required
  • Basic content management systems (Hootsuite, Buffer) - if required
  • Researching and establishing event #tag.


  • Video blog posts
  • Develop event public relations contact list (speakers/performers, sponsors, attendees, writers/bloggers, photographers, etc)
  • Monitoring and engagement via event #tag via Sayzu, Hootsuite, and/or other tools as available.

Live-event reporting

  • Video interviews with speakers, participants, etc posted to YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and/or Instagram
  • Event photographs and captions posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr
  • Daily blog post


  • Video blog post
  • Monitoring and engagement via event #tag
  • Wrap up blog post(s), as required


  • Contact me for details. Every event is unique, every client has unique goals and needs. Costs generally range from $3000 (minimum) -$7000 depending on scope of work.
  • Note that discounts may be available for NGOs/non-profit organizations.


There are many ways to add value to content development marketing. These include additional social networks, community management, research – and more, depending on your business needs and budget.

Sample add-on services

  • NEW: Create a professional video of your event via a new partnership at Details coming soon!
    • cost: $1000 per 60 seconds of video
  • Setup of additional social media accounts as required (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, VIMEO, etc)
    • cost: $100 per account
  • Monitoring and management of social media accounts
    • cost: negotiable, dependent on duration of project and frequency of reporting required
  • Keyword and hashtag/ #tag searches and reporting
    • cost negotiable, dependent on duration of project and frequency of reporting required)
  • SayZu basic keyword monitoring/research and reporting
    • cost: $500 per project
  • SayZu event participation via SMS / Twitter keywords
    • $1000 per day Many more options are available (photography, video, slide decks, podcasts, etc) to help your event give you better return on investment.

*Note: These costs do not include travel and travel-related costs outside the Vancouver / Vancouver Island region.