Good water, good beer: Why Ian Adams wants to work with BC's craft beer sector

I recently produced a business profile for Ian Adams as part of the enriched profile service. One of the questions I asked Ian was, "Who's on your client wish list?" His answer: BC's craft beer producers. 

Why does Ian want to work with craft beer peeps?

A couple of reasons. One, because he sees a connection between the ethos of craft beer producers and his interest in working with innovative, environmentally conscious businesses and organizations.

Two, because, as Ian puts it, "Good water, good beer." It's one of the reasons Ian is a sponsor of the Cumberland Community Forest initiative to raise $1.2M to acquire watershed forests

It's true, protecting the forest means Ian (and 1000s of other mountain bikers) will have more access to world-class bike trails in our Comox Valley backyard. But it also means that he's part of securing clean water for his community. For those of us who dream big, that means our dream of a Comox Valley craft brewery will have that most important part of the good beer recipe: good water.

So, if you're a craft brewer in BC, give Ian a shout. He's on your side. For several very good reasons.

Contacting Ian

Check out Ian's #WeAreYQQ  profile at to learn more about Ian Adams and what he's up to. You'll also find his Twitter and telephone connex there. Or contact him directly via or

The #WeAreYQQ profile series

Via I've launched a "rich" profile series for the Comox Valley web / tech sector. This content helps build profile for individual businesses (they are encouraged to take this content and embed it on their own websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and more), and for the region's web / tech sector generally. It's similar to work I'm doing with the Comox Valley Farmers' Market and the region's local food sector. It's providing a template for work I am starting on Vancouver Island innovators at 

Content is key to building business presence online. People are tired of advertising. They want to know who you are, they want to know what motivates you. They want to know that you're looking for them as a preferred client – like Ian Adams is looking to work with the craft beer sector. 

If your business can use this kind of help, be in touch. We can talk about content that works for you (articles, video posts, photo essays, and more), and how to move it online (and in print). Please be in touch. I look forward to working with you.

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